Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It's Been Awhile.........AGAIN!!!

I swear as soon as I say I am going to keep this thing updated life happens and I forget it even exists.  The kids are crazy as usual but that's life and I wouldn't have it any other way.  Let's see if I can do a quick catch up so we can go on and forget that I haven't updated in forever.

Wyatt fell on the concrete during the Great Pig Escape!  Oh wait we have a pig now and her name is Hope.  She acts like a spoiled 3 year old girl and has the attitude of a teenager but she is sweet and I love her.  Anyways Wyatt opened the front door trying to following Dad outside and Hope escaped.  Dad while trying to chase the pig told Wyatt to get back inside.  Wyatt ran and tripped over the threshold of the door and smacked his mouth on the concrete floor.  (I wasn't home at the time)  When I got home I took one look at Wyatt and said, "WHAT HAPPENED TO MY BABY?"  A fat lip, bloody front teeth that were loose and I called the emergency after-hours line for the dentist.  They said don't worry and to go to the doctor on Monday.  Well Monday came and they did x-rays and said that everything looked okay and he would get to keep his teeth unless they died or got infected.  i brushed and flossed and kept those puppies EXTRA clean but alas three weeks later at our regular 6 month visit the teeth were dead.  So now Wyatt is sans two front teeth and now I call him the Hillbilly. (It's a joke so don't tell me what to call or not call MY child)

Here is my little Hillbilly!  So cute!
Rachel turned 9 years old on August 4.  She is beautiful and full of attitude and my angel.  She is a 4th grader now and she makes me feel old.  She definitely loves to dress up and has her own sense of style which I love and am concerned by sometimes as I am sure my mom was when I was younger.  She doesn't get into a lot of trouble and is an awesome big sister.  Here is a picture of her.

1st day of 4th grade
Okay and Kelsey is crazy like her brother and loves to dress up like her sister.  She has recently learned to open doors and loves to open the pantry door and eat things.....weird things like tea bags and dry pudding mix and uncooked rice.  It's weird and I have found her on several occasions eating these things under the table.  She is still tiny and loves to climb on top of her dresser and jump off.  This is a heart stopping moment.  I have caught her mid air several times.  She is in love with Curious George and can't get enough of it.  She hasn't done anything too crazy lately but I know it's coming or I forgot what she did.  So I will end this with a picture of all three of the kiddos being silly and sweet.  Till next time.........

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