Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend.....Quite Memorable

I have so much to write but just haven't got the energy to do it yet just know there is something going on here soon.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

What do you do......What do you say?????

Well this week has been quiet for the kids.  Nothing major happening except my back has been hurt so they have been pretty tame this week Thank God!!!!  On Tuesday I went to go to the restroom and Kelsey had taken her waffles and put them in the toilet......umm......what do you do about that?  Luckily nothing got clogged so it wasn't a big deal.  Then yesterday Wyatt comes running in from the backyard telling me he went poop.  I said okay you went peepee (he gets confused sometimes) and he said no I went poop in the dirt and he dragged me out there and sure enough he pooped in the dirt.  I was speechless!  He didn't have an accident in his pants though so I was excited and speechless and confused as to why he would do that.  Apparently though this will be a new occurrence because he just got finished running inside again yelling that he pooped.  I followed him out there and sure enough he did it again!  What do you do........what do you say to that?  I am proud but this could prove a problem out in public if he just drops his pants and poops on the ground.........any ideas folks???  Till next time............

Monday, May 14, 2012

Road Trip to No Where

So I volunteered to take my brother to Sherman for a Doctor's appointment today.......with Kelsey and Wyatt in tow.  1 1/2 hours each way.  Wyatt is potty training and Kelsey doesn't really like the car that much.  The trip to Sherman wasn't that bad.  Wyatt did great and didn't have an accident.  We went potty and then we're on our way.  This is where things started to go down hill.  I knew better than to think that they would be fine in the car for over 3 hours but do I EVER listen to my instincts?????  Well the ride back was full of Whines and cries and craziness where Kelsey was throwing snacks and Wyatt was trying to fling his body out of the window.  They were so unhappy but WE MADE IT!  I have a hurt back going on 3 days now and can barely walk let alone lift a child but we did it and now they are asleep resting their precious heads and I think goodness they are adorable when they are alseep like angels.  HAHAHA!!!!  This is why we don't go on extended road trips especially without a movie. Today was long but in the end all is well.  Tomorrow is a NEW day though so till next time.......

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Rachel...the First.....My Angel

Rachel is 8 1/2 years old.  She is growing so fast and getting such an attitude I have whiplash.  I remember everything about her growing up the good and the bad and I have always called her my angel.  She was always so happy and friendly and well mannered.  I know that God gave me Rachel to help me through the toughest times and the greatest times.  She has helped me grow and become a mother that she can hopefully be proud of.  She loves Monster High and Fairies.  She loves her computer and XBOX and you can find her there most of the time.  I TRY to get her outside for friends and sunshine but she likes the vampire pale look.  She is silly and smart and has started the teenage attitude and I don't know if we will survive this time in her life.  She loves to shop and be girly and wants to do gymnastics, which we will start soon.  She hates to comb her hair or do anything with it but LOVES to put on makeup.  She doesn't really share a lot of her emotions sometimes and that worries me but she always assures me that everything is okay and that she loves me.  She hates blood, needles and any kind of liquid medicine.  Oh man and she is strong so holding her down to get this stuff takes more than one person but I love her as I love all my kids.  I can't wait to watch her grow and become even more beautiful than she already is.  Till next time..........

Happy Mother's Day

I am waking up with a backache from hell and I wonder......isn't Mother's Day supposed to be great!?  So I roll over and try to get up to remember that Wyatt MUST have wanted to spend Mother's Day early with me and decided that he needed to sleep with me last night which would explain the back pain.  That's okay because he wakes up and says Happy Moder's Day I wuv you! (It's like he's from Jersey lol)  So sweet!  Then Kelsey is awake and she is just so happy to be awake that you wonder if she knows it's a special day as well.  That maybe her normal evilness is taking a day off.........but no I see the mischievous glint in her eye and Rachel is..........................she's asleep.  So even though I don't wake up with breakfast in bed or children that sing my praises and act perfectly I KNOW that I am an awesome mom and that this is as good as it gets and sometimes you gotta take the moments that are given to you..........because THEY WON'T LAST LONG....................Happy Mother's Day!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Defiant Wyatt

As I finish helping him take a bead out of his nose I realize now is a good time to talk about the middle child and my only son Wyatt!  He was so quiet when he was born that we often referred to him as "Quiet Wyatt."  I am so blessed to have a son and that he is the ONLY boy I will ever have!  He hated his car seat growing up until we finally were able to turn the car seat around!  At the young age of 6 months he was crawling and had learned to climb up and throw himself over any baby gate!  At 9 months he learned that he could body surf down the stairs much to my almost stroke!  Once he started walking he loved to run away from you!  He was breastfed until 8 1/2 months so he naturally LOVES his mommy the best although daddy is running a close race lately!  He has colored on almost every surface and has certainly climbed on everything!  He has always been such a cute happy sweet boy who has that hint of mischievousness in his eye!  He has fallen off every surface and is clumsy in his own right (must be a Crowder thing...........ok really they all get it from me.......ooops)!
As he has gotten older he has gone from "Quiet Wyatt" to "Defiant Wyatt"  very quickly.  He loves dinosaurs and spaghetti and his favorite color is green according to tonight's discussions!  He also loves AC/DC!  Many times cereal, chips, gatorade mix and dog food has been found thrown throughout the house and an occasional knocked over Christmas tree!
Currently we are potty training and he has found a love of peeing outside.....maybe one day he will go poop in the potty.  He's 3 and smart and crazy.
His favorite past time as of late is teaming up with Kelsey and waiting until I am in the bathroom before causing havoc.  Just know that I love him and all of my kiddos but sometimes............Till next time!

Kelsey aka El Diablo

I always love to tell people about my kids craziness!  They always tell me I should write a blog about them and what they do so this is what is happening.    I figured I would post on each child first and then go to daily occurrences after that so you are familiar with each child.  I am starting with the smallest member of the family.  KESLEY!!!!

So where do I begin??  Let's see Kesley was born on June 28, 2010.  During the c-section she kicked her way out of me and the doctor barely had time to catch her!  What an introduction into this world!  She was sooo tiny and adorable and so quiet!  She loved to lay her head on my chest and sleep there for long periods of time.  I think she planned it this way!  I got so used to her being so sweet and quiet I was NOT prepared for what happened after her one month milestone!  She woke up with a vengeance!  She cried so much and wouldn't breastfeed and didn't want to be held anymore when she slept or otherwise.  When she laughed she sounded like she was in pain.  This should have been my first clue.
As time has progressed she has definitely shown us that she is in charge!  Her cuteness only grew and everyone who met her was always instantly in love with this tiny little person.  She is so sweet in public no wonder.  No one believes us when we say that she is a spit fire and we started lovingly calling her El Diablo.  Some people didn't agree that we should call her that but we are her parents and we LOVE her unconditionally!
  She is almost 2 now and let me tell you she may be the size of a 12 month old but she is sure to let you know that she WILL get her way.  She is sneaky and always looking for something to get her mouth on.  She loves to suck on my laptops power cables and her daddy's iPod charging cables.  5 power cables and 6 charging cables later I think we are doing better at keeping her away from them but not for her lack of trying.  Her attitude could rival any teenagers and I only fear how it's going to be once she reaches puberty.  Oh My!!!!  She loves her daddy so much that she will only sleep if he is home.  If he's not it's always a long night!  She is always getting into something and climbing on something.  The only problem......she is clumsy.  This poor child has had more bruises all over than can be imagined.  The neighbors are probably scared of us because they can hear her when she gets mad!
  Even as I tell you guys about all of my children just remember I LOVE ALL MY CHILDREN with ALL my heart and they are the greatest gifts I have ever or will ever be given.  But it is funny to look back on their craziness and laugh.  It what helps me to keep going sometimes.  I am not perfect and I know there are tons of parents out there that will suggest things to me but REALLY guys I have tried tons of stuff and what works for you doesn't mean it will work for me.  Thanks for reading till next time!  Up next is WYATT.......