Thursday, May 17, 2012

What do you do......What do you say?????

Well this week has been quiet for the kids.  Nothing major happening except my back has been hurt so they have been pretty tame this week Thank God!!!!  On Tuesday I went to go to the restroom and Kelsey had taken her waffles and put them in the toilet......umm......what do you do about that?  Luckily nothing got clogged so it wasn't a big deal.  Then yesterday Wyatt comes running in from the backyard telling me he went poop.  I said okay you went peepee (he gets confused sometimes) and he said no I went poop in the dirt and he dragged me out there and sure enough he pooped in the dirt.  I was speechless!  He didn't have an accident in his pants though so I was excited and speechless and confused as to why he would do that.  Apparently though this will be a new occurrence because he just got finished running inside again yelling that he pooped.  I followed him out there and sure enough he did it again!  What do you do........what do you say to that?  I am proud but this could prove a problem out in public if he just drops his pants and poops on the ground.........any ideas folks???  Till next time............

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