Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Defiant Wyatt

As I finish helping him take a bead out of his nose I realize now is a good time to talk about the middle child and my only son Wyatt!  He was so quiet when he was born that we often referred to him as "Quiet Wyatt."  I am so blessed to have a son and that he is the ONLY boy I will ever have!  He hated his car seat growing up until we finally were able to turn the car seat around!  At the young age of 6 months he was crawling and had learned to climb up and throw himself over any baby gate!  At 9 months he learned that he could body surf down the stairs much to my almost stroke!  Once he started walking he loved to run away from you!  He was breastfed until 8 1/2 months so he naturally LOVES his mommy the best although daddy is running a close race lately!  He has colored on almost every surface and has certainly climbed on everything!  He has always been such a cute happy sweet boy who has that hint of mischievousness in his eye!  He has fallen off every surface and is clumsy in his own right (must be a Crowder thing...........ok really they all get it from me.......ooops)!
As he has gotten older he has gone from "Quiet Wyatt" to "Defiant Wyatt"  very quickly.  He loves dinosaurs and spaghetti and his favorite color is green according to tonight's discussions!  He also loves AC/DC!  Many times cereal, chips, gatorade mix and dog food has been found thrown throughout the house and an occasional knocked over Christmas tree!
Currently we are potty training and he has found a love of peeing outside.....maybe one day he will go poop in the potty.  He's 3 and smart and crazy.
His favorite past time as of late is teaming up with Kelsey and waiting until I am in the bathroom before causing havoc.  Just know that I love him and all of my kiddos but sometimes............Till next time!

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