Wednesday, October 3, 2012


I know this may make me seem old but sometimes I get concerned.  Should a 2 year old and a 3 year old know how to pull up Netflix and watch a show all by themselves.  Now before you judge and say, "They could pull up something bad how dare you let them do this!" I don't LET them do anything.  I am sitting right here watching them do this because it astounds me that they have so much knowledge of a computer.  I didn't even know what a computer was at their age.  Is technology sucking the creativity and lively hood right out of our children?  Are we looking at a future with no conversations and neck problems from children looking down at the closest phone, iPad or other hand held devices?

The pediatrician looks down on me because I let Wyatt use my phone during a doctors visit but come on guys you would too if you were at the doctor with 3 children trying to listen to the doctor and trying to keep them from destroying the littlest room in the world.  I let Kelsey and Rachel use my phone too.

Don't worry though folks because Kelsey and Wyatt always have enough time to find something to get into like the ink pen Kelsey found.  You know how I know she found it?  Ink on her mouth and hands.
Wyatt still has time to sneak into my study and find the jellybeans.  Want to know how I know?  Jellybean juice running down his (and Kelsey's his sidekick) chin and their chipmunk cheeks.  They still have time to climb the DVD rack like a ladder and try to imitate King Kong (it's hilarious and dangerous all at the same time).

Josh and I still read to our children at night and give them lots of love.  I still spend time each day doing flash cards with ALL the kids (various subjects for each) and teach Wyatt how to write his name.  I'm not perfect and I think you should all know by now that my children aren't either.  We yell and cry and throw fits with the best of them out there in the world but we love each other.

I really don't have any point to this post just various thoughts coming out and a little amusement mixed in.  Thanks for reading.

Till next time...........

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