Friday, January 4, 2013

Holidays are over.....time to get serious!

So now that the holidays are over and thankfully we survived we are potty training with Kelsey.  I wanted to start before Christmas but unfortunately Kelsey got the stomach flu for 4 DAYS!!!!!  We survived though and she was kind in getting to the toilet before any messes were made.  After all that stopped we started on the potty training adventure.  She has been doing well and is getting the basics and learning what she needs to do and she will do ANYTHING for a sucker.  This morning she refuses  to put on clothing or even a pull-up so now I have a naked child sitting on the couch and I am praying to GOD that she doesn't have any accidents.  She is determined so I am letting her have her way.  She is such a silly girl sometimes and it's nice that she has gotten out of her constantly angry stage of life into the I am fine and happy as long as you don't mess with me phase!
Kelsey has a problem with getting the salt and pepper shakers and pouring them out on the table (this is one of many problems but we won't get into the fact that every surface of my house has crayon on it).  She got smart and thought she knew everything and decided to get the Tony Chacheres and pour out on the table and then rub in her eyes.  It was a bad decision on her part as it is spicy which means that it burns and well after flushing out her eyes and giving her lots of hugs she is all better.  I mean what is wrong with her sometimes.  I say no I take it away I put it out of her reach but it's like she just waits for the moment it's out and takes her chances.  She has however learned a valuable lesson and hopefully there will be no more spices poured out again.  We shall see.
Wyatt is a potty trained trooper and he is trying to encourage Kelsey which is helping.  He doesn't even realize that we wake him up at 10:00pm every night and make him go potty.  I see a future sleep walker in our future.  When should we stop doing this? I really don't want there to be any night time accidents because that just creates more laundry for me and if you've ever seen my house that is one thing I don't need (THANKS WHIRLPOOL FOR CREATING SUCH A CRAPPY WASHER).
Rachel is already looking forward to turning 10 and I have to frantically tell her evertime that I am not looking forward to this and it's not till August so quit trying to grow up so fast.  Where has the time gone?  I mean Wyatt is about to be 4.  It doesn't seem right!
Wyatt is all geared up for his 4th birthday party.  He is making demands and telling me what he wants and I will try and make this a blown up awesome Dinosaur party!  He LOVES Dinosaurs!  I have rambled and this unorganized blog post is close to it's end.  Hope you enjoyed.  Comment, leave me advice or questions whatever!

Till next time...........

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  1. Aww. Poor Kelsey! It's crazy to me how much time is really going by. I try not to think about it! Lol