Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Just a normal Tuesday....

Thought I would start off the day and try and keep up with this blogging business.  I have heard that there are a few people who enjoy reading this and it makes them laugh.  Well my response to that is....GOOD!!  I want you to laugh because even though at the time I can't find what these children do as funny, when I look back on it I do find it funny too.  I am proud that my children have such life in them.  That they don't just sit around like bumps on a log.  They explore and test limits and they have such beautiful smiles when they feel like they have accomplished something (even to my dismay)!  I hope they never lose that lust for life.  I want them to learn right from wrong of course but I want them to explore this beautiful world God gave us and test limits (as long as I don't have to bail them out of jail)!
Now for a totally different subject.....potty training is a test of great patience.  It seems so simple to adults because we do it all the time.  We need to go to the bathroom so we go.  We forget that we too had to learn this.  I try to keep this in mind especially after I have been peed on or the fact that Kelsey decided to pee on the floor not three inches from the potty chair.  The fact that the situation has to be just right for her to WANT to go potty and the fact that she likes to go several times over a couple minutes and each time there is a teeny tiny little turd and she thinks that each time is deserving of a sucker.  One day FAR from now when she is older we will have a great laugh.  Now....not so much.

Till next time..........

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